Biomass to Biobased Chemicals

To investigate the potential of biomass to biochemicals.

To develop a low cost pretreatment of biomass.

To characterize and compare different biomass purification methods and strategies.


Carbon Quantum Dots from Biomass

To synthesize carbon nanoparticles from renewable precursors such as lignocellulosic biomass.

To develop new types of carbon dots that allows control of the fundamental properties of materials through size/shape effects.



Production of Graphene from Biomass Derived Solvents

To investigate use of biomass derived solvents, Levulinic acid, to exfoliate graphite to single and few layered graphene sheets.


Biojet Fuel from Biomass

To develop a techno-economic analysis of hydroprocessed renewale esters and fatty acids for jet fuel commercial plant.

To investigate the production of biojet fuel and renewable diesel fuel through waste hemicellulose-dervied aqueous solutions.


Microalgae Development

To develop the large, integrated systems required for full scale, economic production, upgrading and commercialization of algae biodiesel.


Waste Oils and Fats to Biodiesel Commercialization

To develop stage of the art full scale commercialization of yellow grease and animal fat to biodiesel.