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Biomass To Biochemicals

Global $487 Billion White Biotechnology Market (Biofuels, Biomaterials, Biochemicals, Industrial Enzymes) Analysis And Segment Forecasts To 2024 (25 October 2016)

Total And Bill Gates Invest $14 Million In Biomass Conversion Technology For Biofuels (24 october 2016)

Woolworths Launches 30% Plant-Based Plastics Milk Bottle (20 October 2016)

New Pathways For Stover (18 October 2016)

Sorghum Grown For Fuel And High-Value Chemicals (17 October 2016)

Dutch Firm To Mass Produce Bio-Friendly "Plant-Based Plastics" To Replace PET Plastic Bottles (16 October 2016)

Global Bio-Based Platform Chemicals Market Is Expected To Reach $18.0 Billion, By 2021 (01 June 2016)


Bio Jet Fuel

BP Takes $30 million Stake In US Bio-Jet Producer (10 November 2016)

Air Canada, Research Partners To Introduce Biojet Fuel Into Airport Supply System (5 April 2016)

WestJet Exploring Development Of Sustainable Aviation Biofuel (22 April 2016)



Is Graphene--Finally--A Replacement For Silicon? (11 November 2016)

Six Amazing Uses For The Wonder Material Graphene (29 October 2016)

Shangdong Hengyu Making Graphene Tyres (17 October 2016)


Quantum Dots

Quantum Dots Market - Rising Applications Of Quantum Dots In Healthcare Industry (10 November 2016)

Quantum Dots Components Market To Be Worth Over $11 Billion By 2025 According To Future Markets Report (8 November 2016)

Apple Advances Work On Quantum Dot Displays For Future Macs, iOS Devices & Possible TV (28 July 2016)